Keep seeing the pause icon when using level mode

Just noticed a few days ago, I keep seeing the "II" icon in the middle of my screen whenever I am using level mode. It might go away for a few seconds but shows back up all throughout the workout even though I am not stopping and the video isn't stopping either. When I switch to erg mode, this does not happen. It also won't happen if I turn auto pause off, but I would rather keep that on. Doesn't seem to matter what workout I'm doing.

Not a big deal, but if I can fix it, I'd like to be able to do so because I get distracted. I am using a Kickr Snap and I have not calibrated lately. Would this cause the trouble? It doesn't seem like it, but I could try that. If anybody has experienced this and has any ideas for a solution, I'd appreciate it!




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  • Hey Elizabeth!


    This is an odd one that I haven't seen yet. I am going to start a help ticket so that we can dig in a bit further.

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