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Hi all,

Just suffered through the Full Frontal fitness test.  Having read the pre-amble, I put my trainer (Elite Drivo) into level mode, and for the sprint section, selected level 9.  It was 'OK', but I did spin out while only hitting ~1,200W with 52/36 and 11-28 cassette.  I kept it on level 9 for the 5 minute test, and found that when I spun up to the desired cadence, even in the biggest gear, I could only hit 320ish watts max, and resulted in me having to hold 110RPM for 5 minutes just to stay over 300W.  Needless to say, I got no-where near where I expected to be (hoping to be around 360W @95-100 RPM with room to move either way gear-wise).

Has anyone else experienced this?  It's not like I'm pushing trainer-breaking watts here, I just need to access the trainer's potential resistance, but can't seem to do it either through the trainer's app or The Sufferfest app level mode.

I still taste blood, and is that my spleen?



  • Hi Ed - Eddie here.  Did anyone get back to you, worrying that this was logged back in June and no update.

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  • Hi Eddie. Yes thanks, a lovely Minion from tech support got back to me. We discovered level mode only works when using ANT+ for some reason, but so what, at least it works!

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