Am I achieving on each workout what I should?


Newbie to The Sufferfest, but loving it. Two weeks in, enjoying the structure and sessions.

I'm set up on one of the intermediate training programs - used to be a consistent and adventurous road rider until we had our first child. After a good 18 months of very occasional riding (read: once a month on average) I'm ready to get back amongst it and prepare for my first event.

I completed a 4DP test to see where I was at (obviously terrible), but using those numbers for the training program. I've never had a power meter before now (using the TacX Neo), so never trained with power and I'm focusing on meeting that number and the cadence number each session...

My problem is that my heart rate consistently seems to be lower than the zones that I'm training in. Today I completed G.O.A.T. and each torque session was supposed to have my heart rate in 138-158bpm, but the highest I got to was 132bpm, and the average was 119 bpm.

What do I do? Should I carry on as is, do another 4DP (in case the numbers were particularly ordinary), or something else?

Sufferlandrians be praised.





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    Hi Sam,

    You are on the right track!  As a former very consistent rider, before having a three-year-old and a six-month-old, I completely understand how you feel.  You'll get back before you know it!

    Speaking of, since you were fit before, you'll notice that your heart rate zones in the app won't keep up with the changes in your heart rate as your fitness improves.  Using our training plan and following the prescribed recovery days, you will most likely see lower average heart rates much of the time.  Don't be alarmed. just be ready to re-test once you finish your plan.

    As for GOAT or other low cadence workouts like Power Station, don't fret as much about heart rate.  You will usually see lower heart rates on those since cadence is low.  These workouts are building muscular endurance which tends to be less taxing on your cardiovascular system.  Just keep that cadence low and the torque high!

    Happy Suffering!!

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