Colour coding on activities (IOS App)

On the activites tab of the iOS app, I see all my workouts with distance, TSS, and elapsed time noted

1) As the app is for indoor rides, distance doesn't seem relevant, can it be replaced by IF?

2) What do the colours of the horizontal line mean?  I've got 5 different ones so far...





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    Hi Richard,

    I am very sorry that I am just responding to this.  

    1. I'm not sure if we can do this but I'll log it as a suggestion.  I'm with you on distance but some people want to see it.
    2. The colors are associated with the type of workout you've done.  If you are using FTP you will see that the workouts in the workouts list are also color-coded.  If not then there isn't an indicator of which color is tied to which workout.  This is really a remnant that we need to get corrected in a future update.
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