Recovering after illness

Dear Sufferfest!

Let me suggest to you to make an "after illness protocol". I'm just over a 1 week illness, and try to rebuild my form, but couldn't find any instructions for that. Maybe an "after illnes video" would be useful too, with a manual of setting the time and percentage of intensity step by step regarding our 4dp profile.

Yours sincerely: Tamas Bezzeg



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    Thanks Tamas,


    I will share this with the team!

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  • Earlier this year I was ill for a week.  Fortunately I was only a couple of weeks into a program, and just went back to the beginning again.  However, if I was only two weeks from finishing I would have liked to know how to resome the program.

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  • Since it's the cold season now and therefore the season for catchning a cold as well I would really emphasize to give us Sufferlandrians some guidance back on track to suffering. 

    Right now I'm "suffering" from a common cold and I wonder how to deal with the necessary break in terms of the training plan I was into before the cold struck me. Shall I get back to point zero? Is threre a need for another 4DP test? Or do I have to step back into the plan right where I had to suspend it but with a protocol of reduced intensity? 

    These are valid questions every cyclist has to deal at least once a year, espacially during the indoor season aka suf as in spring, summer, fall and suf.

    So has the team already come up with an idea? I'd really appreciate it.

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  • Our coaches have given some tips on this subject, not only illness but other stresses that can derail your training.  Check out this link for some great information on how to adapt your training plan to your current situation:

    The most important thing:  listen to your body!





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