Can I add more sessions of "Elements of Style" and Yoga during a plan?

I was doing "Elements of Style" the other day for the first time and at the end of the vid it said if you do this workout often you'll get better; also it says in the yoga session "Core Strengtheners 2" that I would probably have done "several sessions of Core Strengtheners 1", but in my plan it's not "often" for either. Can I add these on top of my other sessions during my 10 weeks plan to improve these or would that interfere with my plan?





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    You can incorporate Core Strengtheners 1 and 2 into your plan just about as frequently as you like! Though we do suggest only doing 1 "hard" yoga session during any given recovery week, since the point of a recovery week is to reduce your training stress enough so you can recover.
    As far as adding EoS to your program, while you can do that, we wouldn't recommend adding it more than twice every 3-4 weeks. Part of that is the increased risk of over-training and becoming too fatigued to complete the super hard sessions at 100%. The second factor here is that Cadence Builds, Standing Starts, and Cadence Drills, have many of the same neuromuscular benefits offered by EoS. Since those sessions are also worked into all plans regularly, adding additional EoS sessions is less beneficial compared to adding more Yoga Core sessions.
    To ensure you don't overdo things with these added sessions, it's even more critical that you keep track/record/note how fatigued you are feeling at the start of a rest week, and at the end of it. Ideally, you'll be "happy" to start a rest week, and then be chomping at the bit to get back to hard training by the end of it. When you add more sessions, look out for "wanting" that rest week to come sooner, and take extra note if you get to the end of a rest week and are still feeling fatigued. That is a sure sign that you should back off the training load a little bit, and added sessions are the first thing to cut from the next training block.

    Hope that helps you with your planning for the suffering to come!

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  • Hey Drew,


    I am working on getting you a quality answer to this.  Stand by :)

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