Zero length videos on Ipad

I cannot download and run certain videos.  See screen below.

Cadence Builds and Holds, for example, shows a zero length.  When I run it, the video halts on the first frame and displays some other video's title.  I cannot replicate the behavior on my iphone.  But I can 100% replicate it on the ipad 









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    Hey Alan,

    Can you please try logging out of The Sufferfest app, restart your iPad, and then log back into The Sufferfest app?  Let's see how that treats you.

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  • Hi, I have the same issue and have logged out of app and restarted iPad and back into the app.  Still the same - those in the pic above plus other videos have a zero length


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  • Carol,

    Which version of The Sufferfest app are you using?  I think we may just want to try deleting the app from your iPad and then re-installing from the app store.

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