4DP 20min Power

I recently completed a 4DP using an Elite Direto set to Level Mode (Level 5 - 3%). During the 20 minute effort I found myself having to shift to the smallest cog in the cassette (mid Compact Crank on the 12 tooth cog) at a relatively high cadence in order to generate modest power. In the end my 20 minute power moved the wrong way (-6), despite my other numbers increasing.

I've noticed this previously, but chalked it up to user error or the fact that I used a lessor Level Mode setting. However given that I road the majority of this test in the 12 cog and at 3%, I'm now at a loss and looking for assistance or direction.





  • Hi Mike,

    I hope I can help here.  I too own a Direto and had trouble with my 4DP testing, here is what I have learned in the past 8 months of wtf is going on.  My problems were different but...  this may be helpful.  I know this is an old ticket and your issue is probably resolved or you may have thrown your Direto into the nearest body of water.  I am posting this here to any wayward soul looking for Direto answers.

    1) You can tweak various settings on the Direto to change how quickly it adjusts to changes in your pedalling.  You can find more information on this in the Elite forums.  I have not read a post yet where someone said 'thanks wow, that solved it'.  So onto 2.

    2) The Elite trainer is actually very sensitive, more sensitive than some.  It determines your cadence based on some crazy math it is doing when it picks up your power.  The problem is that the math makes for some strange variations in what the trainer computer uses to change resistance.  The simplest and most effective solution I have found to date is to get a separate cadence sensor and use that.  The power issues will smooth out.

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  • Thanks, Peter!

    We often suggest doing that.  We've also found that a separate cadence sensor does help.

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  • Thanks Peter - appreciate your comments!

    While I did give serious thought to dumping my Direto in the closest body of water, I discovered that the motherboard was fried. Elite was great about it and quickly sent me a replacement - resistance problem solved! I do use my on-bike cadence sensor so I have yet to experience some of the drastic resistance fluctuations others have experienced.

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