Tempo with surges 1x60 - Workout in Training Plan

I reported a similar issue under the title "Tempo 2x30 Workout in Training Plan" where the workout does not exist.

There is a workout in my training plan called Tempo with Surges 1x60 - this time a workout exists by this name but it is 3hrs 30mins long! I know I can create the plan as described on my Garmin, as you suggested, but it's slightly frustrating to keep finding your plans referring to workouts that don't exist. There are more discrepancies related to workouts entitled "Tempo........" too.

Are you planning on fixing this soon. Spoils the experience of using Sufferfest. The attraction is being able to just follow a plan with not too much effort as its been done for me, well and professionally.





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    Hi Graham,


    Yes, we are working on getting all of the videos that are in the plans in the app as NoVid workouts.  I am very sorry that the discrepancies are there and also that they are limiting the enjoyment factor of the app for you.  We are working on this now and should release another batch of NoVid workouts in a couple of weeks.

    I'm not sure which plan you are on but most of the time if the name of the workout is the same you should be able to do the prescribed workout with the longer one that is in the app.  It's usually the first piece of the long workout that you want to do. That just means that you cut the extra volume and stop the workout once the interval is finished.

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  • Ok, great. Thanks for the reply.

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