Bring back Rubber Glove

I get it if encouraging folks to use 4DP is the thought behind removing Rubber Glove but it is a great workout, even when not done as an FTP test.

Maybe bring it back as a No-Vid workout for those of us that purchased the video long before there was an app?




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    Hey Brett,


    Thanks for your post.  I have shared this with the team.

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  • The Rise of Rubber Glove has.....a disturbing feeling about it. But, yes, I agree it would be great to bring back the glove!

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  • I would love to see a standard FTP test back in the Sufferfest's arsenal! 

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  • I like the 4DP test a lot. It's always what I would do now when testing. However, Rubber Glove was good and I think there is a place in the Sufferfest for an old fashioned FTP test.

    I would not use it to base my training on anymore as 4DP has worked for me (when Sufferfest was only based on FTP certain videos were not possible at 100% on ERG mode since my 5 minute is low compared to my 20 minute), but I would be interested to see how I would fare in Rubber Glove now. I know my best ever Rubber Glove result and wonder if I could beat it now.

    I also like the simplicity of an FTP test. Everything is targeted at that 20 minute effort. As stated before I don't want it to base my Sufferfest training on but it's a good test and I would be pleased to see it still available. I know I could do an FTP test myself or with some other app but if I am going to do it I would like to do Rubber Glove.


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  • And not as a no-vid as another poster suggested. Rubber Glove exactly the way it was!!

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  • Actually, in my ideal world what I would like is a 3DP test, leaving out the 7 second high power section.  If I was young and flexible I would have attacked this section, but alas I am not and the few muscle pulls I have had (nothing major but I took a couple days off after each) were during high power high RPM sections of a suff workout.  Im not a sprinter *****at all******* and I am totally ok with that.  I would love testing and focus on the 20, 5, and 1 minute tests though. 

    (I have often wondered if it is possible to do 4DP but only give 50-75% or so on the 7 sec tests.  Would the results be so skewed that the results of the other tests would be considered null?  Anyhoo......)

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  • Another vote to bring back Rubber Glove, just as it was.

    Having just ridden Full Frontal I can see the benefits of using this as the main test. Personally I thought it was excellent, even if my ego did take a hit on the FTP (But the 4DP number does seem much closer to what I could hold for 1 hour ).

    Still, Rubber Glove is a great session in it's own right and it's a shame for it not to be available.



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  • Another vote for bringing it back as "just another workout". Can't hurt to have extra video workouts in the library, surely?

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