Repeating whole programmes and what to do inbetween


I'm coming close to a second 10 week training programme and between wondering what to do .
As in should I do a ramp ftp test to know how to scale my initial 4dp results or do another 4dp ! And then take another 3 months?
And also rather than repeating 10 weeks sessions , should do I go for much longer that covers the whole 6 months of racing season and has sessions aligned with races using the personalised planning approach ?
Any thoughts ?
A Sufferlandrian



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    Hi Arkadiusz!


    Great question! First, let's start with the testing.  Great job getting through the training plan.  Now, we definitely want to see how far you've come.  We'd recommend doing The Full Frontal Fitness Test again so that all of your metrics are updated.

    As for another three months vs six months, that is really up to you.  The three-month plan is great but if you are thinking of a custom plan, you should totally check that out.  It is great for working with your goals and schedule. 

    If that is something that you want to check out please head here:


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