How to set up Tacx Flux 2 and a MTB for sufferfest

Hi all,


I have a 1x11 mtb on my tacx flux 2. I've tried zwift and now im having a go on sufferfest. On swift the app controls the 'gradient' of the trainer making climbs more difficult. Is there anything like that on sufferest? atm im just putting the default setting up a few % and trying to use the gears for power changes but I dont have much range.


Any tips or tricks with how to use this with a mtb would be great :)





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    Hi James!


    The first thing to touch on here is the fact that The Sufferfest isn't a simulation so we aren't trying to simulate riding on the road.  We are providing intervals that we want you to hit as part of the workout.  The footage, while enveloping, is mostly for your entertainment as you smash the workout at hand.

    So there isn't really a way to specifically make climbs more difficult.

    Now if you mean the low cadence work that comes in a couple of the videos like Power Station or GOAT, then yes increasing the intensity is probably the best way to go.  You can do that in the workout menu without having to get off of your bike.

    Here is a help article on how to do that:

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