RTP Running Test

I completed the RTP running test as part of the Sprint Triathlon training plan and thought I had mapped out my HR and pace data correctly as per the sheet.

However, a few sessions in and nothing seems to be matching up, whether that be HR in relation to pace or vice versa. My HR jumps up to Z3 during a gentle jog warm up and then can actually drop during an effort and rarely does it go into Z4?

Is it more likely that my zones are all wrong or that my HR strap is failing on me? I thought I had carried out the test perfectly and I had put my all into the 5k effort to make sure of it.

I seen a similar thing when on the turbo, my real time HR just doesn't seem to match what the plan suggests it should be for the effort.

Your help and input would be appreciated as I want to make sure I'm training correctly.





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