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I see that you have a menu link for "Submit a request" but, unless I've missed it, you don't have one for "Submit an issue" which I would normally expect, to separate them from forum questions. Anyway since I couldn't find one I am posting this here.

It's either a minor issue in the app or my misunderstanding. Either way it doesn't really hinder me which is why it would be better in an issues list where it doesn't clutter this area.


When I use the search box for Workouts it seems to return extra workouts that don't match the criteria. If I type "hell" I get: -

Hell Hath No Fury

Kitchen Sink (Mash-Up)


If I type "caden" I get workout names containing Cadence as I was aiming for but loads more such as Angels, Elements of Style, G.O.A.T and a few more.


As I say this does not hinder my use/enjoyment of the app, I simply would like to contribute to it being as perfect as it can be.




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