How to manage the automnal break?

Hi there!

Since we have slid into autumn, here comes the offseason topic. I know there are many information everywhere about the topic but they seem to concern the « classic training programs » more than the Sufferfest training style, hence this post.

How do you manage the beginning of this phase? Do you follow the classic offseason break which consist of roughly 1 month of running, swimming,… before bouncing back on the bike again? Do you simply ride at a lower intensity for one month? Do you change anything at all? Do you start a specific training plan? Do I even actually need a break to let my body recover?

What would you suggest? I'd like to prepare for the next season in the best way possible.

I tend to ride 120-170 km per week on average, 3-4 sessions a week, about 4-6h in total and unfortunately can’t increase my time on the bike.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, I love the app. :)




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