Technogym Skillbike

hi there

I'm a huge fan and I've been using the app so far on a normal (dumb)trainer. Now the company I work for just bought brand new Technogym Skillbikes for the gym, therefore the question...has anyone successfully tried to pair Sufferfest app with the above mentioned equipment?

I'd hate to have to ditch SF for one of those out there offering compatibility (e.g. Zwift)

thanks in advance to anyone who might reply



  • hi Cody

    thanks for the super quick feedback on this.

    however... bluetooth protocol is not proprietary, and demonstration is ZWIFT (iOS and Mac version) can connect via BT to the Skillbikes.

    i will still keep hoping that my favourite training (read suffer) app will get a compatibility update, in the meanwhile...i'm left with no choices.



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  • Correct, Bluetooth is not proprietary but the way that they are transmitting data via Bluetooth seems to be.  The generally accepted standard for Bluetooth fitness equipment is called FTMS.  Technogym are not using FTMS in this case.


    Here is a write up from SMART Bike trainers about this...

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  • Hi guys -

    The Skillbike IS compatible with Sufferfest and it is a game changer for both the app and the experience on the Skillbike. If you’ve used the Skillbike w/o connecting to an app, you’ve probably noticed how inconsistent the resistance changes can be. I’ve experienced plenty of times when I accelerate on the SB only to have it overcompensate the resistance and bring my legs to a stop. This issue goes away when connecting.

    To connect, download the Technogym MyWellness app and create a profile. Connect the MyWellness app to the SB by scanning the QR code that appears when you press Log In on the bike. DO NOT pedal after you’ve logged in. Go to Sufferfest, choose your session, then connect to the bike in Settings. The bike will alert you that “Zwift is trying to connect“. Hit OK on the bike and you should then see the bike appear on your Sufferfest Bluetooth connections. From there, you’re good to start pedaling and suffering.

    The steps above are incredibly complicated and counterintuitive, but I didn’t design the bike.

    Anyway, try Team Scream after connecting. The resistance adapts as people rotate off the pace line. Super cool experience!

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  • Thanks a lot!!!

    I love this, it's like Christmas came early!!!

    I tried it yesterday and, after a couple of times, I got it to read properly watts and cadence. Today I'll test it with a full workout. 

    goodbye zwift, welcome back my favourite suffer app



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  • Thanks for that Jason!

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