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With my CX season nearly half done I am planning my winter training strategy so I can go into spring gravel season strong and ready for some stage racing through Oregon's mountainous logging roads but my job can sporadically take me away from home a week or two a month.

Given a 10 or 12 week strength training optimized program to improve my 4DP identified sustained effort weakness, how should I adjust the program if a week of business travel takes me away from my smart trainer or in cases where I am unable to take my bike with me? Due to the sporadic nature of the travel, modifications to the training program have to be something I can handle dynamically and do on demand with maybe two week's notice.



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    Hi Cody,

    We have a few people in the same situation as you who struggle with last minute travel changes. To help our Sufferlandrians cope with this, we have some customised SUFCoaching plan available for you, check these out here:

    I think you will also find it beneficial to read through our FAQ which has a category on "What to do when you can't do the workouts as prescribed":

    Please let me know if you have any further questions and we look forward to getting you setup with a customised plan :)

    Rupert Harold KoS

    SUFCoaching Coordinator
    SUF Science - Coaching Team
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