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I’m 56 yo dude that enjoys riding and running.

I made the 4D test and chose according to the recommendation of the plan: Intermediate Cycling / 4DP Weakness: Neuromuscular / Designed for Strength Training.

I enjoy structural training so far. My problem with it is that I would like to integrate some running into it and do not know where it will be the best. Add a couple of 5k runs a week or replace one of the workouts.

To get a specific coach program for almost 200$ is not looks like a good idea. I do not compete and do not want to but I would like to improve, to ride faster and climb in the Alps or Dolomites.

Any advice will be appreciated.



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    Hi Micahel!

    Great question!  If you are already following a plan, it's okay to substitute one or two run workouts in place of one or two on bike workouts.  Ideally, one run session is a SUF running workout or similar (interval type workout) and the other run as a general endurance workout.

    If you aren't on a plan, you can keep it simple with two SUF bike workouts, one SUF running workout, and one general endurance run.  This should be very reasonable for general fitness.

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  • Hi Michael - I too am a runner who cycles (in fact, these days, I can't determine which of those is a priority or favoured sport).

    Running and cycling vary mostly in that cycling has a much more inconsistent demand on CV, simply due to varying workloads from wind direction and whether you are going up or down hill. When runing, you just don't get anywhere near as much variability.

    My experience has been that running is a much better way to train lactate threshold - by running at a steady HR somewhere between 85-90% of MHR. On the other hand, interval training when running creates the highest muscular, tendon and bone stresses to go with the highest heart rates. I notice much more soreness after such sessions on foot than if I was to do them on a bike. A little bit of impact is good now and then for the legs and bone density but it can easily lead to injuries.

    So to quickly summarise, I'd focus threshold efforts in running and high heart rate, max power efforts on the bike. Good luck.

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  • I add two runs a week in addition to my bike workout. You just need to make sure that the bike plan you've chosen allows enough time for this and sufficient rest. 

    The most important run to me being my weekend long run, which I complete at a low intensity. You have to be careful as you don't want too high an overall training load. I do a second run on a Wednesday evening which is shorter and sometimes done at a higher intensity depending on how fatigued I feel. I can get away with this because Thursday is a full rest day for me. 

    It does depend on your goals and what you want to get out of your training. My goals are for my all-around fitness and weight loss and I consider running to be supplementary to my cycling and not my focus. 

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