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I'm using Trainingpeaks as my primary training app. I started with Sufferfest and indoor trainings and I'm using my second bike without power meter so I relay on Tacx Bushido power measurement but when I did the 4DP test I got FTP 50 watts less then I have outside with my primary bike and Quarq power meter. That is all fine regarding Sufferfest training but the problem is that I have wrong TSS and IF numbers in Trainingpeaks. 
Currently, I'm manually changing the values in Trainingpeaks but I'm interested is there any automation or setting in Trainingpeaks where I can set to use Sufferfests numbers?

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    Unfortunately, Trainingpeaks will always calculate TSS and IF based on the NP of the imported workout file and the FTP you have set in your TrainingPeaks account. If you are riding exclusively inside for extended periods, you can change your FTP setting in TrainingPeaks to match your FTP setting in The Sufferfest app. That isn't a great solution if you are riding both inside and outside each week since you would need to change that setting back and forth each time you go from indoor to outdoor.

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