How much weight is enough?

I am 70+ years old.  I ride outside 3x per week year round, averaging about 5K miles per year.  And when not outside or if preparing for a bike tour, then on the trainer with Suf.   I try to weight train in between outdoor rides.  I am not really trying to bulk up (duh) and my weight training is just to supplement my riding and to try to keep my bones from disintigrating any further.  So my big question is:  how much weight is enough?  If I lift 50 lbs in a bench press (2 sets of 25) do I need to try to increase that to get any benefit or can I just maintain at that weight and call it good.  The same question applies to all the exercises I do.  e.g. crunches - is 2 sets of 15 enough to maintain a decent level of fitness or do I have to keep trying to do one more etc.  Thanks for any references or suggestions.




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