Are training plans in Training Peaks automatically updated as new videos are added?

Been a subscriber before (6 month break over the summer) so jumped back in and did 4DP and re-added the same training plans as before (road and yoga) from my TrainingPeaks library.


My question is, as new videos are added to the app, do they automatically get added to the plan in TrainingPeaks or do I need to delete + re-add the plan?  Notice there are a few new videos, particularly yoga ones since I was last on.





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    Any updates to plans will not be transferred to the plans you have previously downloaded, so to get the most recent and updated plans, you will need to 'buy' the plan again and delete the old version.

    We are finalizing the first integration of training plans into the app directly, and will have a serious of plan updates that go along with that, so I would suggest holding off until Training Plans in the app are released to attempt to get the latest version of any plan in TrainingPeaks

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