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Hi - I am new to Sufferfest, but I understand that the entire calendar view is a rather new thing, so maybe expansions are already planned, but I thought I would give some input as well.

I have used Sufferfest for a few weeks, just finished the Full Frontal Test and signed up for a training plan. And I really like the calendar view for seeing what is planned and starting up the workouts of the days etc., I just wished I could do more with it.

The most obvious thing I am missing is the ability to add something to the calendar. Maybe in the days leading up to the start of a training plan, I know what workouts I'd like to do. Maybe in periods where I have no time for a full training plan, I would like to plan my workouts in advance. There are many reasons to add workouts to the calendar without it being part of a training plan.

It could be done from the current workout selection page - there is a "Play"-button. Add a "Plan"-button underneath that, which would pop up a date selector. You could then select which date to plan this particular workout for and that would add it to the calendar. Ideally also select the intensity-percentage for the 4DP-targets. And done.

I hope something like that can be added some day ;)



  • Great thoughts! I too have some ideas about what needs to be added.

    something  I have found in other training plans and I am missing a lot in sufferfest:

    I want to be able to specify on which days of the week I can spend more time for the longer workouts. For most of us this might be Saturday and Sunday, but it would be really nice to have that configurable.

    in my current plan for example on one of the next Mondays I am required to do that 60/60 and 30/30 combination (60 min ride, 30 min run, 60 min ride, 30 min run).

    This is absolute impossible on one of my standard working days!

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  • There is a function to move a workout to a different date, couldn't that be used to tweak the plan enough to get that torture moved to a better day?

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  • Yeah, that’s possible.

    but not ideal.

    I want my training plan to suit my weekly schedule from the beginning on.

    I‘d also like to able to specify on which days of the week I have access to a pool and hence have swimming workouts be scheduled for (only) those days.

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  • Great to have plans with direct link to workouts but sometimes I cannot get to the pool or the outdoor bike is not possible because of high winds, ice, heavy rain etc so things have to be moved around.

    However, sometimes moving around is not ideal and if I have opportunity to train with friends I also like to add a slightly different workout in place of the one planned. (NB My roles don’t have fixed work hours and my location can be difficult especially in winter months so any opportunities to meet with others are gladly taken as training alone all the time can be demoralising as well as the occasional workout with others makes me work harder too!).

    It would be good to record even the basics of any workout, no matter how small, together with any comments on the calendar too so I don’t need two calendars on the go at once.....


    In hope....... 🙂

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  • Another useful features of the calendar would be a more rich Weekly Summary, with more planned /actual metrics, such as TSS, IF and minutes in the 4 "zones" (FTP, MAP, AC, NM). Together with the ability to upload external workouts (via FIT/GPX file or at least with manual inputs of the relevant metrics), can be used to track and evaluate the training plan progressions.  Otherwise all the workouts must be exported to FinalSurge/Training peaks or similar to do this analysis.

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  • Hauke, you mention there is a function to move the dates of scheduled workouts in the calendar?  How?  I couldn't find it.  I normally adhere pretty strictly to the plan .  However I will travel for work twice during my 11 week plan.  I want to swap "easy weeks" into the travel weeks, since I have a chance to more or less simulate those on hotel bikes.  No chance to do a hard week on a hotel bike, w intervals, etc.  I will simply change the week order (by 1 week each time)… if possible!



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  • Jack, that can only be done for single workouts, not for complete weeks.

    simply select a workout in calendar view, the description of that workout pops up.

    on top right corner of that workout window you see three dots. Klick on them, select „change workout date“

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  • Is it possible to change the starting day of the training week? e.g. start the training week on Monday's rather than Sunday's

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  • Also looking to be able to easily add a workout to the calendar. I was searching for how to do this for ages before I realised the functionality was missing.

    Reason: Sometimes I want to schedule a few session for a week, or supplement a plan. Having to note this down in a separate calendar is preventing me from using sufferfest as a one stop shop.

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  • I absolutely agree with all of these requests.

    Please add:
    - The ability to add custom workouts to the calendar and set our own planned 4DP intensity, like the coach setting in the current plans. (Why? So I can set up a custom plan for my wife each week and play coach.)
    - The option to deselect or chance training days in the plan builder and to further customize how many sessions we can do each week. (For example, my wife wants to do a small-ish training plan with only two rides a week, that‘s ist. No plan options available for this. She is a hard working mom with limited time available. I still want her to suffer.)

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