2 minor features missing

Hello, first I'd like to say I love the app, its been one of the best ways to better myself on the bike.

As for the features I'd like to see, its not even a feature, but an addition to fix minor niusances in the app:

1) Modifying pre workout load: you can set each of the 4DP numbers independently, but its a pain in the ass having to click the +/- for each percentage change. If I have to do a workout at 90/50/50/75, thats 135 clicks that could be just entered either manually, or at least have a mouse scroll wheel option. Sure, it might take seconds but it gets old after a while.

2) On the same topic of modifying the 4DP profile numbers before a workout, after you are done with the workout and click save, good luck finding what settings you used. Unless its hidden somewhere, I have no way to know what % of each 4DP I used for a particular workout. On the bottom where it says 4DP profile used, can you just add the % settings next to that?

Otherwise, no complaints after 1 year of use ;)



  • Thanks for the feedback, Konstantin! Are you using one of the training plans in Training Peaks? If you are using one of the plans within our app, the adjustments should be made for you when you launch the workout from the calendar. That can save you a lot of clicks :) But I can see that it would be nice to have a faster way to make the adjustments.

    We do have plans to include the % adjustments in the ride summary but I don't have information on when that addition will be made to the app.

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  • I am currently using a SF designed plan that I found in the TP plan library and thus I loaded it into TP and not SF. Didn't know I could do that, will load it directly into SF after I am done with the current plan (just 2 more weeks to go). I did find it curious that the comments of the workout said that the app would automatically adjust the numbers but it never did, guess I know why now.


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