365 Days of The Sufferfest

Today I did the Half Monty on my 365th day of training with The Sufferfest. In the early 00's I was heavily into cycling primarily racing XC. Training between 10-20 hours a week mostly by HR before getting a Powertap SL! Then it was CTS training videos and group rides. After the EPO deflation of the sport and some friends getting clipped by cars, I turned into a gym rat working out 2 days on 1 day off consistently for ten years and saw my weight go from 158(puny cyclist) to 205 (puny meathead). Moving to Austin, TX got me back to dust off my bikes and start riding around my neighborhood, the fire was stocked again. I had my first baby at 41 and new I was going to be time crunched so I got a smart trainer and tried out the various apps and found The Sufferfest thanks to the Plan with Dan on GCN. Since 5/11/19 I have completed the Plan with Dan twice, the CX plan, the repeated weakness plan, half of the preseason MTB plan(COVID-19) then moved into the speed demon plan. I have missed workouts from time to time due to illness, travel, or just a desire to ride outdoors instead of inside. Changing up my diet and cutting way back on the weight training, my weight dropped from 205 to 185 over the past year. While I am positive the non visible physiological changes are numerous here are my 4DP achievements:

5/11/19 - Attacker
NM - 999
AC - 471
MAP - 248
FTP - 183 - 1.97 W/KG

5/11/20 - Sprinter
NM - 1521
AC - 526
MAP - 330
FTP - 276 - 3.29 W/KG

Now if I can just make it through The Shovel without failing......




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