Possible Power / Cadence / Heart Rate issues during my workouts


I am relatively new to indoor cycling, and following any sort of training plan. I am using Sufferfest, with my Wahoo Kickr Core with connected Garmin HRM. Technically everything is working fine.

I'm a 45yr old male, weigh 95kg, 187cm tall. I have done the 4DP test and my current FTP is set to 204. My LTHR is 153.

My question:

Generally speaking, when I do a workout, I try stick to the cadence guide. Using ERG mode, the Power sorts itself out obviously. However I am finding that my heartrate is typically quite a few zones lower than the displayed guide, especially for the low cadence workouts (eg: G.O.A.T where my HR didn't exceed 130 the entire ride). Is this to be expected? Is it an indication that my leg strength is well below my conditioning? Or that something is not set up correctly? I am confident that the heart rate is accurate... I am able to hold a conversation easily. I am also confident that the resistance is correct. The muscular effort feels correct.

Another, somewhat related question I have is that I also struggle to maintain any sort of form with the Standing parts of the workout. My comfortable standing cadence would be max of 60, at a substantially higher resistance than sitting. Anything more and I quickly spin out of control. Is this normal and to be expected?

Thanks for any advice and suggestions.




  • The Elements of Style workout should help with the form on standing efforts, though I do tend to do them at slightly lower cadence than suggested myself.

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  • Thanks Ian.

    I suspect that, as a mountain biker, my climbing technique needs some significant adapting to the rigid indoor trainer. I did the Elements of Style workout last week but was focussed more on my pedal stroke. Will try sneak a couple of extra workouts into my training :)


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  • Hello Rael,


    same here for the standing part, I have difficulties to maintain a high cadence while standing when power target is moderate.

    Another explanation for that and for the heart rate being lower than target could be that if you are using a training plan some workouts are set up at a reduced intensity, but the HR target displayed is the one from the "full" workout. So you will be below the target, and the standing parts might feel too easy to stand.

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